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Is Low-Carb, High-Fat Diet Better Than Low-Fat Diet?

by Liza GregoryWhen it comes to dieting, fats have been deemed negative, so it should be cut off in one’s diet. Thanks to a change of lifestyle and belief, more people are now accepting that dietary fats are important in several body functions.Several studies found that a low-carb, high-fat diet, like ketogenic diet promotes weight loss and satiety more than a low-fat diet. A new research published in The Lancet found that high-fat diets provide better protection against mortality compared to low-fat diets.The Lancet StudyThe Lancet study showed surprising findings where most people believe that high-fat diets increase the risk for the development of heart disease and mortality. It found that low-fat diets actually increase the risk for mortality, contrary to the belief of a lot people over a long time. 

The study that involved 135,000 adults from 18 countries and five continents showed that:

• The types of fat and the total amount of fat don’t have a direct link with the development of…

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About Mark

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